Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Difference Between Writer And Author?

What is the difference between writer and author? From the dictionary,

A writer,

a person who has written a particular text, or who writes books or articles as an occupation.

And an author,

a writer of a book or article.
2 a person who originates a plan or idea.

verb be the author of.

So you see, a little difference but not much. We mostly associate an author as someone who has written a book or a novel and has been published. Whereas a writer could be someone who has a way with words on paper and not necessarily getting those words into a book or novel to be published.

Now today it is much easier to become a writer. Since the Internet became a way for people to find information, there is much more scope for writers and authors.

We all know something about something and for those who want to become a writer, take your something and write down what you know.

You can do this to start with as articles, anywhere from 500 to 1000 words is a good size, break up the articles into sections of your something and before you know it, you will have your first written works. Whatever you do, don't write as we were taught in school, write as though you were talking to your best friend. Write as though you were talking to one person and telling them about your something, get a natural flow going to your words.

Make sure you edit your writing, that means, spelling, punctuation etc., talking to your friend you would want them to understand what you were saying. . Get someone to read your writing for you and if you don''t have someone to do that, read it out loud. It is good to print out each article too and then read it from the paper. It is amazing how many small mistakes will show up that way. By reading out loud, you will be able to see if the article has a flow and is easy to read.

Those last three words are the most important, easy to read.

So start to write and enjoy it, the enjoyment you get from writing will show in what you write.

As this blog is about how to become a writer, we'll be back soon with more tips for you. Now get to it and write.

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spunkyduckling @ squidoo said...

I got it now! it clear that an author is associated with someone who owns a piece of work whereas a writer is associated with craft! going to build a squidoo lens on this! Found myself a little confused about the difference when having to answer and explain what i do to my little 7 year old niece. thanks for your blogging this!
Now what's the difference between a blogger and a writer? Smile. just kidding with that question..